Tips on Optimizing Instagram Account for Culinary Business

The online culinary business is one of the most appropriate steps in the midst of the current Coronavirus outbreak. Moreover, the re-enactment of the PSBB in Jakarta means that all activities and interactions can only be done online.

No doubt many culinary businesses use digital platforms to sell. However, businesses must have marketing tricks so that the culinary business is selling well and is able to reach new customers every day. One thing that can be done is optimizing your Instagram account for sales.

Through this social media business actors can make it easier for consumers to get information about their culinary business. Here are 4 tips for optimizing your Instagram account, as reported by the @grabmerchantid account. Hopefully it can help the food business even more, yes!

1. Change Profile So Business Account

The first thing you need to do is change your Instagram personal account to a business account. Because, the advantages of a business account make it easier for you to get insights to see the growth and audience every day from the ads you do.

2. Create an Interesting and Informative Bio

Describe a catchy slogan for the culinary business in the Instagram bio. Something that makes consumers curious will usually make people find out what culinary business is offered. Make sure the phone number and shop address are also available in the bio.

3. Include the GrabFood Link

It's no secret that GrabFood makes it easier for businesses to reach a wider market. Therefore, add the GrabFood restaurant link in the profile section so that customers can easily order food with just one click.

4. Use the Business Logo on the Profile Photo

When customers visit their Instagram account, it is important that they can immediately identify the business identity. A clear and good logo is often the driving force for people's interest in buying the food or drink that is offered. So this is the purpose of using a business logo on a profile photo.

Those are the basic tips to optimize Instagram for the culinary business. In addition to the tips above, make sure the seller also pays attention to the tidiness of the Instagram feed by presenting photos of food or drinks properly and according to market tastes.

For information, food business people can also optimize their sales in the all-around Grab application. Joining Grab as a merchant can expand the market, from only one region to selling to several regions.

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